Buffalo NY

The Forvm

Buffalo was not quite what we had expected.

Night One: We checked out Niagra falls and Steph and I played an open mic at a place called Duke’s Bohemian Grove. I think this is becoming one of my favorite things to do on tour. Just finding open mics, acoustic, full set or half of both. This was acoustic and we decided to play two guitars. Even though we could seriously use a new acoustic. Steph’s been using the ovation and it just does not sound very good plugged in.

We got to play 4 songs and we got half price food and drinks. I thought that was very generous. We met some interesting people including a strange woman named Randi, or Brandi? Who was apparently on a show called “Rock of Love” and was very offended that I didn’t know what that was or who she was. She also was on Charm School with Sharon Osborne. Which I find HILARIOUS because that is a show for the trashiest, rudest women in America and they try to turn them into “ladies” And then she tried to hook Steph and I up with her friend. And then some girl in a beanie who was worried about “looking like a dyke” asked us if we knew where to get her some crack. So then we left, and watched a red box movie, August Osage County and let me tell you that movie was freaking awful, and of course it was because Steph picked it, and she’s terrible at choosing things to watch.

So our show at the Forvm was interesting.

The openers were these 16 year old kids with an overly enthusiastic dad who thought he was their “producer” which was funny.

The sound guy was great and quirky and made us sound good. But not for very many people, on account of he choose the locals and they must not have promoted or had any fans.

One of the bands decided it would be a good idea to dribble a basketball while singing. NOT such a good idea. It bounces off something, and onto our merch table. Where it breaks our donation piggy bank, which we had just gotten and decorated the night before. [defect-pig] the idiot who threw it apologized but didn’t offer to replace her and must have been embarrassed because they left immediately after that.

Our set went really well, we played very well, we got a lot of positive attention especially from the employees and a specific group of girls there to see the show. BUT Stephs amp wasn’t working, the input jack on the inside was just dangling… that amp has been trouble and I’ll have to try to fix it soon because we are on our way to play in Brooklyn tonight.

SOO in the meantime the Kansas City Royals were playing the wildcard game vs the A’s. It was an amazing game of baseball and it was difficult to be onstage away from the TV for 45 minutes.

After all the music was over we loaded out REALLY REALLY FAST, and continued to get the entire bar rooting for the Royals and the owner kept the bar open till the end of the game. It was a good time getting strangers invested in a baseball game between the Royals and the A’s and I thought it was kinda funny cuz everybody kept saying how they don’t care about baseball because Buffalo is a hockey town.

As you should know the Royals won 9-8 in the 12th inning.


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