Canton Ohio


Upon arrival to Canton we found a bar with tentacles growing out of the top of the building.

Earlier that day was Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so we were pumped to play music. We spent some time at the tentacle bar, where we met the artist he kept buying us drinks.

We get to Buzbin where we were playing and meet a guy named Mike, who buys us a round of beer, and we shared some pizza with the bartender.

The venue is really cool, and the stage is open to the street. Literally open, like you could jump off the stage backwards and be outside.

We played with a band called ROM. they were a bit older but super talented. I think they were from DC. They were also very nice.

Sometimes I wonder where venues find their sound person. Cuz this guy just really didn’t give a shit. We couldn’t hear anything on stage and Im pretty sure nobody listening could hear any of my vocals, because I could not at all. Therefore I believe we played pretty poorly. We hung out  a little while, but then left and headed back on the road.


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