We had the other bands in Cleveland cancel on us last minute so we ended up with a few extra days of Pennsylvania. LETS TALK ABOUT THAT! Pennsylvania absolutely sucks. horrible!

These days off were brutal. For several reasons

  1. The roads were terrible. They were narrow and up and down hills, difficult to get anywhere, confusing, and congested
  2. there was nothing to do
  3. THE COPS!!!! we had three run-ins with police in Pennsylvania. once: I was smoking a cigarette in a walmart parking lot and he approached me and asked if I was okay like 3 times. second. We went to a state park and were working on our laptops on official business, when some lady playing with a kid must have called the cops because blond girls with iPhones are dangerous. Cop shows up and asks what were doing and how we found the park and why we were parked there and that we couldn’t stay there all day because “residents might scratch their heads when they see a van in the parking lot” like WHAT?! and third: we parked by our friend Matt’s place after our show for about an hour and a half around 2am. Parking was a disaster so we ended up parking pretty close to the post office curb. When coming back to the van there was a cop writing us a 97$ ticket for parking within 3 feet of a delivery zone.
  4. LIQUOR?BEER?BARS? Pennsylvania has some DUMB liquor laws. you can’t buy beer at the same place as liquor. and you have to buy beer in quantities of 24 or more at a beer distributor, but you can buy six packs at bars, just can’t take more than two out at a time. wine and liquor stores are state owned and close early. finding a bar was a pain in the ass

The Smiling Moose

The venue was really cool. The area of Pittsburg was also cool, it was an artsy-hipster district filled with hippy shops, tattoos, and greek food. The venue was a downstairs-upstairs bar/venue.

Something a tad strange though was that there was a show from 6-9 that was upstairs before our show even started. We were allowed to watch and all of the bands were very good and the venue was pretty packed, halfway with young kids as it was all ages and because its Pennsylvania, you can’t bring beer upstairs.

They ended late and took FOREVER to load out making our shows start time change from 10 to about 1130. This understandably upset all of the employees and other bands. And it was frustrating because a lot of the crowd started to leave when it took to long to get everything ready.

The sound man was very nice and very good at his job, which is always exciting. I very much appreciate a stellar sound guy. It makes everything better for EVERYBODY.

We were playing with our friends The Daily Grind, who you should google and listen to because they are great and we always enjoy watching their set.

We totally killed it tonight in every way. We played very well even though Andrew forgot transitions and I spilled my beer after stealthily putting it down once my piano required two hands. As soon as the song was over I stepped back and kicked it over. SHOULDA USED MY CUPHOLDER.

I wish we had more pictures for you, I promise we’ll get better at that.


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