Randi? Brandi?




Buffalo NY

So this character approaches me at an open mic. Says were great bla bla bla, buys us drinks bla, bla, bla, tries to hook me up with her friend bla bla bla, and then it happens. She tells us she was on some show called “Rock of Love” and she really didn’t like that I had no clue what that was or who she was. Then something even better happens. She tells me she won “Charm School” with Sharon Osbourne. This i find freaking hilarious because its a show where they take really trashy, rude, arrogant, bitches, and try to turn them into model citizens. I will absolutely have to look for this because it is not anything to be bragging about. This women also tries to tell us how she’s gonna ‘pass our music to her people’ and continues to ask questions about our ‘tour bus’ even though we kept repeating that The Jolly Rodger is in fact, a twelve passenger van with a trailer attached (whom we dubbed ‘Smee’) So after this encounter her friend starts talking to me and she was telling me also how Randi? or Brandi? didn’t quite catch the name was on this show and I say out loud that I had no idea what it was and she left the bar offended


haha i did a quick google search. its Brandi. please enjoy the picture. hahahahaha A plus.


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