Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Did you know that touring bands can visit the Rock and Roll hall of fame? CUZ WE DID. And we did.

minus ten bucks for parking. The area was beautiful and super neat. There were several museums located on the water and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is architectually stunning.

For the most part the museum was inspiring and encouraging. HOWEVER. I am ashamed of our generation. What is crap like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Fall Out Boy doing representing modern music. NONE of these things are rock in any sense of the word. ALSO there was a small installment about EDM at festivals and that was the worst thing I saw there.

We need to get better at showing youth real music because I feel like guitars and pianos and drum kits are endangered.

Michael's Jumpsuit
Michael’s Jumpsuit
Johnny Cash's Tour Bus
Johnny Cash’s Tour Bus
Sarah Playing Keys
Sarah Playing Keys
Venue awning
Venue awning


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