The drive up was stunning. We cruised through hills and spent night 1 at a rest stop, where we awakened to an animal charity who had made baked treats and picnic lunch items for donations. We talked with a volunteer and we all fed for $5

vermont 4

The view from the picnic area was beautiful and that was probably one of the healthier things that we have gotten to eat thus far.

That night we found a cheap motel because we were desperate for a shower. It was kinda crappy, and ran out of hot water, but we got a dominos pizza for $5 and found a pub within walking distance for Karaoke later. This is where I met Stranger of the Day #2.

The venue we played was in Montpelier called Sweet Melissa’s. There was a 80’s cover band filled with older individuals, who were the house band once a month from 5-7. The lead singer was very sweet on stage and i guess hires all the musicians she plays with.

The crowd was older, same as everyone we had seen in the town that day. Anywhere we went I was easily the youngest person in the room, so maybe Montpelier is a retirement ish area? it was very quiet with the exception of Sweet Melissas and maybe one other bar, cuz after all it was a Saturday Night.

The house sound man insisted we use their drum set, amps, and piano. He was not especially good at his job as he simply didn’t give a shit. As a result he turned the amps down so quiet that I couldn’t even hear my own amp from 5 feet away over anything else. Instead of just playing quieter Andrew ended up playing SUPER SLOW. so our set ended up mellow, and fairly out of character. But it sounded good and the crowd must have thought so too because pay was based on donations and we did VERY well for a 45 minute set.

I must be spoiled with Lawrence bars, because the rest of the world pays 6-9 bucks for a well drink and that just doesn’t fly with us, so we drank their cheapest $4 draft beer. Which at the end of the night, due to a bartender error we ended up getting for free. Shoulda been ordering top shelf whisky all night instead!

After our set was another house band called the John Daly Trio. Featuring A hippy esque front-man who reminded me of manchester orchestra, and every other raspy indie band thats hot right now. They were a mellow you-guessed-it three piece sporting two acoustics and an electric bass.

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