Believe it or not, Maine is probably one of the greatest states ever. They support equal love, they are as organic as it comes, they have some of the best beer we’ve ever tried, and they have pretty much pushed out all major corporations. The place thrives on art, nature, and small businesses. We were […]

Brooklyn NY

  BROOKLYN¬† So driving in NYC was a huge pain in the ass. We had to use the Lincoln Tunnel because they don’t allow trailers in the Holland Tunnel. The toll was $28 so that sucked, and then we got randomly searched before they let us drive through. The tunnel spit us out in the […]

Buffalo NY

The Forvm Buffalo was not quite what we had expected. Night One: We checked out Niagra falls and Steph and I played an open mic at a place called Duke’s Bohemian Grove. I think this is becoming one of my favorite things to do on tour. Just finding open mics, acoustic, full set or half […]


We had the other bands in Cleveland cancel on us last minute so we ended up with a few extra days of Pennsylvania. LETS TALK ABOUT THAT! Pennsylvania absolutely sucks.¬†horrible! These days off were brutal. For several reasons The roads were terrible. They were narrow and up and down hills, difficult to get anywhere, confusing, […]

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Did you know that touring bands can visit the Rock and Roll hall of fame? CUZ WE DID. And we did. minus ten bucks for parking. The area was beautiful and super neat. There were several museums located on the water and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is architectually stunning. For the most […]